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Adrian Gonzalez Wins Gold Glove

November 5th, 2008 by Melvin

Cheers to our boy.

My unofficial, probably not very accurate survey of defensive metrics puts Adrian as a good, but not best in the league first baseman. His offensive goodness and his success with the stupid fielding percentage stat probably helped attract attention as well.

Still though, cool news. No Yankees, you can’t have him for in exchange for a bag of baseballs. He’s ours, you spoiled clowns.

Maddux wins one too. No surprise there. How can he just keep being so good? The voters are screwed next with Maddux retired and no shoe in.

R. update: I hate to have to do this, but this was a bad call.

The Gold Gloves have long been a gag gift, highlighted by Palmeiro winning the award for first baseman in 1999 despite playing 28 games at the position.

Adrian was not the best defensive first baseman in the N.L. According to the Fielding Bible, he wasn’t in the top 10. Using their plus/minus system (which tracks the number of plays made more or less than the average fielder), the Fielding Bible ranked Mark Teixeira the best first baseman in baseball at +24. The best N.L. first baseman was Pujols at +20. Other National Leaguers in the top ten are Joey Votto (+19), Lance Berkman (+18), and Todd Helton (+6). Casey Kotchman’s in there too, so I guess he and Teixeira combine to make one National Leaguer. Either way, you’ll notice that a name’s missing from this list.

I love Adrian, but our principles are most important when they’re inconvenient, right?

I’m sorry.

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6 Responses to “Adrian Gonzalez Wins Gold Glove”

  1. william says:

    “He can throw across the diamond to third base better than anybody in the game”
    “He anticipates making the play. He looks to make the aggressive play to get the lead runner.”
    “He’s got that mentality you like for in an infielder,”
    “He’s aggressive. He knows how important it is to get that guy out. You’d better break hard and go hard, because he’s looking to get you.”

    “Defensively, there’s nobody better in our league,”


  2. “He’s got that mentality you like for an infielder”

    Bochy apparently has the mentality you expect for a gold glove voter.

    I don’t mean to imply that defensive data tell the whole story, but come on. There’s no evidence in that “he has that mentality” stuff, it’s biased, unverifiable opinion.

    Though I do respect Bochy’s opinion on guys he’s managed more than the opinion of sportswriters.

  3. Randy Ready says:

    …and I’m willing to bet a good deal of those quotes (or at least that general opinion) could be attributed to Bochy when he was coaching the San Diego Padres, which would have made his opinion null and void.

  4. william says:

    Andrew Baggarly is a SF Giants beat writer, and I grabbed this from his MVP ballot discussion.

    Great read.

    Great blog.

    Extra Baggs : NL MVP: Baggs breaks down his ballot

    9. Adrian Gonzalez
    There’s an inherent bias to favor players than you see most often. Makes it easier to appreciate what they bring to the field every day. This is true for the team you cover, of course, and it also extends to your team’s division. (Not to get sidetracked, but that might have contributed to my voting Matt Holliday first and Jimmy Rollins second on the 2007 MVP ballot…) The NL West Kool-Aid wasn’t very strong this season, but one player had all the essential vitamins and minerals. Adrian Gonzalez put up an amazing, amazing year – especially given the complete lack of another threat in the Padres lineup, combined with the difficulty of hitting at Petco Park. He was Pujols Lite. Less filling, still tastes great. (Give me time and I’ll find a way to compare him to a mug of hot cocoa, too.) He was worthy of his Gold Glove, no matter what the Pujols backers say. I felt it was important to squeeze at least one NL West player on the ballot, and Gonzalez was easily the most fitting choice.

  5. He seems like an honest sportswriter. Pretty refreshing.

  6. […] it was announced, I wrote briefly on the ridiculousness of Adrian’s Gold Glove win. Adrian is not the best fielding baseball in the National League. Far from it. Lance Berkman, with […]

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