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Now you’re Jennifer Aniston

November 7th, 2008 by Ray

Have you ever had two friends who dated each other? Two friends that both hung out with you in the same group, that you had many mutual friends with? Did they ever break up?

That’s what Jake Peavy and the Padres are doing.

As Mel pointed out, Peavy’s desires are all over the place. He wants to play on a contender, but he also wants to play on the Braves and Astros, and he wants to stay in San Diego. This we can easily chalk up to confusing. Break-ups are hard to go through. But then there are the comments his agent is making. Comments like:

“It’s a big decision,” said Axelrod, who noted a no-trade clause would have to be part of any trade. “You have to look at all the factors and moving parts. We’re usually pretty deliberate. … At times, (Peavy’s frustration) bubbled over. He’s a fiery competitor. You don’t want to take that out of him. You don’t want to tame that too much. But I heard Jake say it, I heard Brian (Giles) say it and I heard Trevor (Hoffman) say it —- they’re not that far away. I think if they kept (Mike) Cameron, (Geoff) Blum and (Doug) Brocail, they’re in it last year —- 84 games wins this division.”

Cooling off period for Peavy talks


Much like the break-up of your friends, this has gotten ugly. Jake has always been one to tell Kevin Towers how to do his job/suggest better alternatives to his own teammates (like Kenny Lofton). I’m even surprised Jake’s agent didn’t throw Milton Bradley in everyone’s face. But those two aren’t done yet. They’re piling on:

“One of the things we will want to look at some point is, ‘Who are you giving up? How much are you weakening your team to make this deal?’” Axelrod said. “If Team X trades three starting pitchers and a starting shortstop to get Jake Peavy, that lessens their chance of being a successful team.”

Peavy throws a curveball into Padres’ trade talks with Braves

The specific player in question is Yunel Escobar, who is looking more and more like the centerpiece of a deal with Atlanta.

It was one thing when Jake told Towers what to do. But now he’s telling Frank Wren, the G.M. of the Braves (the team Jake is not on), how to do his job. What if Wren had a plan that didn’t involve Escobar? Jake’s all but gone from San Diego, but he’s also making it very difficult for the Padres to send him anywhere else.

It’s almost as if he’s playing a game of chicken with Towers. “Trade me for nothing or keep me. Your call.” The scary part is that Towers might actually blink.

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3 Responses to “Now you’re Jennifer Aniston”

  1. william says:

    “Trade me for nothing or keep me. Your call.”

    you keep forgetting that Jake Peavy just signed a large extension to stay in San Diego, and seven months later the GM approached him and said, we want to trade you.

    I’d be pretty pissed off too ..

  2. I see your point william (willy will?), and I think it he’d have a pretty good reason to be pissed if he wasn’t the first person to publicly express an interest in leaving.

  3. Wasn’t Jake the one who came out in the media and said that he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay here if the direction of the team wasn’t going towards winning a World Series?

    It seems to me Jake opened the door to his leaving by opening his mouth.

    You can’t be angry for a team taking you at your word.

    And now he doesn’t want the Padres to be able to make a trade for players that would make them competitive immediately? Saying in essence, you can trade me, but not for any good players from the other team.

    What kind of baloney is that?

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