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Hoffman Not Offered Arbitration

December 1st, 2008 by Melvin

Trevor Hoffman will not be offered arbitration by the Padres. For those of us who would like to see Hoffman return next year, this may not actually be such terrible news.

In one sense it does kind of suck. An offer of arbitration would essentially mean Trevor could come back and at least earn his salary from last season,  $7.5 million. That’s $7.5 mil at minimum, it could even go up. With payroll likely to decrease next year, that isn’t an option for Alderson and his boys.

The good news stems from the free agent compensation system the team has been wise to exploit the past few years. If the front office feels Hoffy is gone for good, they likely would offer arbitration and reap the free draft picks. Since they didn’t make the offer, one can infer that the team thinks he might accept. And that means, even in light of Trevor’s self proclaimed 99-to-1 odds of not returning, the front office thinks a change of heart is a possibility.

And I agree. Want to know why? Because in order for our favorite high leg kicking, hard rocking closer to save face from his behavior–leaving the $4 million offer on the table with no counter offer or negotiation–he’ll have to get more than that somewhere else. And that means at least $5 million, over two years, with a guaranteed closer job. Anything less then that in terms of dollars, years, or role, and you have to wonder why the dude would give up everything he had in the good old 619.

That, and a glut of younger relievers with the closer tag are available for the signing. Brian Fuentes, Francisco Rodriguez, and Kerry Wood are all free agents, and all are better options, a situation which creates a buyers’ market. To make matters worse, the Rockies and Cubs, former employers of Fuentes and Wood, are no longer likely in the market for closers.

It’s on wax. Forget the so-called fans who are already whining. Forget the sensational reporting that puts attention before accuracy, already claiming Hoffman is gone for good.


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8 Responses to “Hoffman Not Offered Arbitration”

  1. william says:

    the big bad Trevor Hoffman needs to save face .. yeah .. thats it.

    • I guess he doesn’t NEED to. But if I were him I’d feel pretty dumb taking a deal not much better than one he could have gotten from the Padres after all the stink he put up.

    • william says:

      Yeah i don’t blame Trevor. At all.

      He was in Puerto Rico for two weeks, with other Padres, so it’s not like they didn’t know.

      Now they won’t even pick up the phone and call the guy?

      If anybody needs to save face here, it’s the front office, or better yet, John Moores, for leaving his front office out to dry like this.

    • Yeah I’m not usually one to go spend someone else’s money, but $40 million seems pretty outlandish if it’s true.

  2. william says:

    those sections you have located in the footer should go on the side panel. nobody scrolls to the bottom of a page to navigate.

    • The categories and featured article sections are on the side panel, and the pages links are spread across the top underneath the header.

    • william says:

      oh i see what you were walking about with nested comments .. kind of cool.
      I thought you were talking about the section at the bottom.

      oh well, i am a dork.

  3. R. Lankford says:

    858 forever.

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