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Your 2008 Most Valuable Padre is

December 27th, 2008 by Ray

Brian Giles. At least, he should be.

We’ve written before on the ridiculousness of this award, and I expect this year to be no different.

That sounds harsh, so let me explain.

If Adrian Gonzalez doesn’t win this year’s M.V.Padre award. I will be greatly surprised. He hit 36 home runs, drove in 119 runs, raised most all of his important numbers, and even won a Gold Glove. He’s a legit player and he hits in one of the most ridiculous stadiums in the league. But he wasn’t the best player on the team this year.

Offensively, it could go either way. Adrian leads the standard categories, jumping above Giles in home runs, RBI, doubles, slugging, and OPS. In the fancier categories, Giles catches back up, leading Adrian in wRAA, wOBA, and EqA, though he’s really not that far up on Adrian in most. Where Giles pulls away is on defense.

When it was announced, I wrote briefly on the ridiculousness of Adrian’s Gold Glove win. Adrian is not the best fielding baseball in the National League. Far from it. Lance Berkman, with a UZR of 11.2, was the best in the National League. Down the list at -7 was Adrian.

Giles, meanwhile, was one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball. And when this is taken into consideration with his offensive contributions, the choice becomes very clear.

Fangraphs has recently added a value section, which includes the following:

Batting – wRAA (Runs Above Average) with a park adjustment.

Fielding – The sum of a player’s UZR.

Replacement – The replacement level adjustment set at 20 Runs / 600 PA.

Positional – The positional adjustment set using Tangotiger’s values (see this link)

Value Runs – The sum of Batting, Fielding, Replacement, and Positional.

Value Wins – Value Runs converted to a wins scale.

Dollars – Value Wins converted to the following dollar scale: 2008 – $4.5m / win

This how is Giles and Adrian stack up:

Name Batting Fielding Replacement Positional Value Runs Value Wins Dollars
Brian Giles 32.6 9.1 21.8 -6.7 56.8 5.7 $25.50
Adrian Gonzalez 30.7 -7 23.3 -12.5 34.5 3.4 $15.50
Jody Gerut 14.5 5 11.9 0.9 32.3 3.2 $14.50

I threw in Gerut for some perspective. When all things are considered, Giles was so much the best player on the team that Adrian is closer to Gerut. And this is to take nothing away from Gerut, who had a surprisingly fantastic season.
Adrian is absolutely the face of the franchise. He’s the Padres first transcendent hitter since Petco opened, and he took the Gold Glove away from such players as Berkman and Albert Pujols. That is exceptional company to keep, and I don’t mean to come off as iconoclastic. Giles was simply the Most Valuable Padre in 2008.

(With all due respect to Jake Peavy, the most potent part of the offense.)

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3 Responses to “Your 2008 Most Valuable Padre is”

  1. friar faithful says:

    I could not disagree with this article more. First of all, in my opinion Adrian leading in every major offensive category makes him a better hitter than Giles. Secondly i think that Adrian is a better first baseman than Giles is an Outfielder, no first baseman in the league has a better arm than Adrian. Due to these factors i think that the choice is clear that Adrian is the MVPadre.

  2. R. Lankford says:

    Giles and Gonzalez did end the year pretty close in the offensive categories. Giles had five points on Gonzalez in EqA while Adrian had a two point lead in OPS+. But Giles still takes the edge in defense, I believe.

    While UZR is an incomplete statistic for assessing first baseman, which is where a list like Tangotiger’s comes in handy, Adrian scored really poorly.

    (Although, now that I mention it, I should say that Tt’s fan scouting report runs in contrast with what UZR says. It ranks Adrian as a 73 defender and Giles a 60. It also has Berkman at 66.)

    (And after mentioning that, I should mention that +/- has Berkman and Giles in the top 4 at their respective positions, while Adrian isn’t in the top 10.)

    Either way, I stand by my stance that Giles was a superior defender in right than Adrian was at first.

    And one thing I didn’t bring up in the article was the important of the positions they play.

    Using Fangraph’s value wins statistic (which are mentioned in the article), Giles was the most valuable right fielder in baseball with 5.7 wins. Adrian was the eighth most valuable first baseman with 3.4 wins. If you want to take defense out of the equation, Giles was the second most valuable RF with 32.6 runs, while Adrian was the fifth most valuable 1B with 30.7 runs. Or, to use words, it’d be harder for the Padres to replace Giles’ production in right than it would be to replace Adrian’s production at first.

    I hope this helps to further explain my choice of Giles as the MVPadre.

  3. […] when I said Brian Giles was one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball, and that pushed him past Adrian as the MVPadre for 08? Well, about that- The Hardball Times has […]

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