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Before it’s too late

October 11th, 2007 by Ray

Choices for the Padres will come up shortly but I wanted to get this out before more things happen in the playoffs that I won’t be able to unknow.

AL MVP – Alex Rodriguez, NYY

I can’t imagine that this needs any explanation but here goes.

Rodriguez finished first in the AL in the following categories:





-Total bases


-Win shares


-Home runs

And he was even second in the league with HBP, with 21. That’s impressive.

Runner up: Ortiz, BOS

He quietly put up big numbers, finishing in the top two or three in most statistical categories.

NL MVP – David Wright, NYM

It feels very anti-climactic giving it to Wright given how badly the Mets choked, but that doesn’t take away from what he did. Especially since he kept his high level of performance up in September (164 OPS+).

He led the league in win shares and was second in runs created. He’s also a pretty good base stealer.

To be real honest, those no wrong answer to the question of who the MVP of the NL is this season. There are three or four right answers and mine just happens to be Wright.

Runner up: Holliday, COL

He led the league with 142.2 RC, 3.8 more than second place Wright

AL Cy Young – Eric Bedard, BAL

Despite not throwing one inning in September, Bedard ended up in the top four of the league in ERA, WHIP, QS%, K/9, and DIPS.

Like how I said there was no wrong answer for NL MVP, there’s no right answer for AL Cy Young. It’s a very open field and it’s a testament to that fact that a pitcher who only threw in five months of the season is my pick.

Runner up: Haren, OAK

I guess, you know?


NL Cy Young – Jake Peavy, SD

Like how there’s no wrong answer for NL MVP and no right answer for AL Cy Young, there is a right answer and many wrong answers for NL Cy Young.

Peavy took the NL pitching triple crown, and threw in the WHIP title for good measure.

Runner up: Webb, ARI

He actually had a better season than he did last year when he won the Cy Young. He threw 16 more strike outs in only one more inning.

I might get around to doing the other awards. But, on the otherhand, I might not. Consider it a cliffhanger.

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