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Dear Jeff Moorad (01/23/09)

January 23rd, 2009 by Ray

(This is the second installment of what I hope will be an ongoing discussion between us here at the Sac Bunt and new Padres owner to-be Jeff Moorad. Maybe one day, he’ll talk back to us.)

It’s no secret that you’re acquiring a Padres team that has seen better days. They’re coming off a 99-loss season with a repeat looking likely. Your predecessor, John Moores, is going through a very public divorce that seems to have forced the team down to a $40 million payroll, and that payroll has already made casualties of Trevor Hoffman and Khalil Greene (although anyone crying about Khalil should not be listened to), with Jake Peavy looking like he’s next in line.

And to top it all off, there’s not a whole lot to look forward to, with our minor league system getting lukewarm reviews. Keith Law recently ranked our team 19th in the league, while John Sickles and Baseball Prospectus have both assessed the Padres as having depth but without much impact talent coming up.

The current administration has already started taking steps towards making it up to the fans. Among the perks us fans can look forward to this season at the Pet are seven 2-for-1 days, which is two tickets for the price of one, and 5-for-$5 at every home game, a deal that comes with a dog, a soda, peanuts, popcorn, and a cookie. If I recall correctly, all of the 2-for-1 days last season were day games during the week, so I guess that’s nice, but I’ll definitely be looking into the 5-for-$5 deal. And I do hope that something’s done to ensure that these deals go better than last year’s dollar days.

But there is something even better that you, Mr. Moorad, can do to immediately get us fans behind you: bring back the brown.

Before I get ahead of myself, I pose this question to you: what do the Padres have in common with the Brewers, the Red Sox, and the Rays? Clearly, it’s not a playoff berth in 2008, it’s the use of dark blue as a primary color. The Brewers even use gold as a secondary color, one that looks just a bit like the Padres sand, and they’ve used it since the mid-90s. So the Padres fans not only have to deal with futility on the field and a lack of excitement in the minor leagues, but they don’t even have a look to really call their own.

Bringing back the brown, a color that this team used until the early 90s, gives this team an identity. In all of the big three sports, only the Cleveland football team wears brown. Is it because it’s ugly? No. Probably. But what’s ugly? Personally, I think the current Padres look is embarrassing in its blandness and after five years of it, I’m ready to move on. The Padres have a history of brown, having worn it for their first 20 years, and now is the time to come back to it. I’ll even make a deal with you: the mustard, which was as much a part of those jerseys as the brown, doesn’t have to come with it. Keep the sand. In fact, keep the sand jerseys. I like them, although we need to lose the bowtie script. Just bring back the brown.

The Friar was never meant to wear blue.

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10 Responses to “Dear Jeff Moorad (01/23/09)”

  1. william says:


    I love it.

    Bring Back the Brown!

  2. Geoff Young says:

    True story: When I went out to spring training a couple years ago, a friend and I sat watching the Brewers minor leaguers practice for a while before we realized they weren’t the Padres. The two teams were scheduled to play that day, and their warmup jerseys looked nearly identical.

  3. The Padres most successful years were 1984 in Brown Pinstripes,1996 – 1998 in Blue Pinstripes and 2003-2007 in the current unis.

    Seems in terms of winning percentage the current unis win.

  4. sixpakfrombelgium says:

    I’ve only been a fan for like 2-3 years now but I have to say that I really like the blue jerseys. I also love the military uniforms. But the fact that I wasn’t a fan when the Pads played in other uniforms probably biases my love for the blue uniforms. Still I wouldn’t mind keeping the current uniforms.

  5. To me, what makes a great uniform is having a clean, simple look, being unique, and and committing to them for a long time. I think the sand away jerseys meet the first two criteria well, and have a chance to be classics. I don’t think the home and alternate jerseys are unique enough to work.

    I wouldn’t mind combining brown with the current look, we have some mockups of what I’m talking about to post soon.

  6. […] As we’ve discussed before, the public perception of our farm system is bleak. Along with BA, Keith Law ranked the team at 19th, and John Sickles and Baseball Prospectus were also less than enthused. But neither of them were as harsh as BA, which is where Fuson’s directed his ire. […]

  7. […] not too fond of the new road jerseys here at The Sac Bunt. In fact, we’re not too fond of the whole look. Like 11 other teams in the league, the Padres wear a dark blue hat onto the field, only we do it […]

  8. ciara says:

    yes, bring back the brown. give us something to believe in again. i grew up w the brown uniform. i also like the military uniform, but i’d give that up in a heartbeat for the return of the brown.

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