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01/28 Sacrificial Links

January 28th, 2011 by

Sacrificial Links Your 2011 San Diego Brewers (The Sacrifice Bunt)

Melvin’s well-publicized take on the new away jerseys. Personally, my opinions aren’t as strong as Mel’s. The jersey’s just too boring to warrant it. But I do agree that the team took a step backwards into the crowd with these. Now all they have to do is bring back the abominations they wore from 1999-2003 to really complete the look.

Padres unveil new ‘Marine digital’ jerseys (

The road jerseys weren’t the only new looks unveiled this week, as the team introduced their new Sunday alts with these “Marine digital” tops. While they’re the nicest camo jerseys the team has ever worn, the big news is the reemergence of brown as an official color for the first time since 1990. While these hats aren’t perfect, they are very camouflage and they are brown! Maybe Moorad’s warming up to the old school Padres look. After all…

Tucson Padres unveil their retro logo (

…he okay’d this. The fans did show their support for the 84 style by voting it into the Throwback Thursday rotation, so maybe it left an impression on Moorad. And just to add more fuel to your fire, Bill Center said yesterday in his chat that the team is considering Tucson a test run. Sez Bill (and an intrepid young reporter):

12:09 [Comment From Ray L.]
Are the Padres using the old font in Tucson as a test run for the big league team?
12:10 Bill Center:
My guess could be yes. Why would they use those uniforms unless they wanted to see how they fly with the fans. It is an interesting choice.
12:11 Bill Center:
My guess is yes. The Tucson uniforms and logos are interesting. Must be some reason why they were picked

Stay tuned, folks.

Padres add Cantu’s can-do bat to the bench (Friarhood)

Oh right, there was non uniform-related news this week. The Padres signed Jorge Cantu to a one-year deal to be the big bat off the bench slash platoon partner for Hawpe and/or Headley. You could read my take over at Friarhood.

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Your 2011 San Diego Brewers!

January 26th, 2011 by

It finally happened. The long rumored gray away jerseys have replaced the sand. I’ve been writing this post in my head like a breakup speech all winter long. This is enough to wake me up from my writer’s coma. Suffice it to say I’m pretty pissed off, the new jerseys are not unique and they’re not San Diego.

This isn’t about uniform aesthetics, that is, what I think looks good or what someone else thinks looks good. There is no right or wrong with design. Someone isn’t going to like every design out there.

No, this about the boringification of the team. It’s about the lowest common denominator. It’s about removing every ounce of risk and fun from the jersey until the focus group just says “meh” and moves on. Or goes to breakfast. Motel art.

They just look so run of the mill. Don’t believe me?

Padres jerseys Brewers Jerseys - Spot the difference

While we’re at it, look here and here for differences too.

It is interesting that when the Moorad group took over, one obvious goal was improving the Padres brand. They hired Laura Broderick, a Senior Vice President for Brand Development to do so full time. She’s done a good job too, the brand is more consistent today than I ever remember. One of the most important aspects of any brand is being unique and distinguishable. Yet the Padres are one of 16* teams in the league that use blue as their primary color, and one of 6 teams to use shades of navy blue and white exclusively. Hardly distinguishing. This isn’t the first time an organization with Jeff Moorad and Tom Garfinkel in powerful positions pulled this same shit, exhibit a and b here and here.

People have been yelling for a return to brown for years. It will never happen, at least as a complete brand overhaul to what the team wore in the 70s and early 80s, or something similar. But I did hold out hope we would see at least some homage to it, which one might interpret the new brown camo jersey and hat as such.

The idea behind Bringing Back the Brown is to have something of our own as fans of the San Diego Padres. We don’t want to be the Dodgers or the Brewers. We need something that’s us. Sand away jerseys were something us. Powder blue and navy blue could have been us, but the Rays beat us to it. We don’t want to be them, either.

I hold out hope, but it’s fading fast. What’s funny is I’m more upset about this than I was about trading Adrian Gonzalez, Jake Peavy, or any single on the field decision the team has made the last few years.

This is my Matt Bush. Come 2015, if there is still nothing about the look that screams “PADRES!”, I’ll be complaining.

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We’re still alive!

January 24th, 2011 by

Have you ever missed a call that you intended to return, but then something came up and the day ended before you could? And then the next day, you meant to call them again but, because you were already late, there was no urgency so you put it off? And then days turned into weeks and then finally, maybe a month later, you called your friend back?

Back in December, we here at The Sacrifice Bunt teamed up with The Friarhood (you know, the guys bombarding your inbox) to be the sabermetric arm of their site. Since then, we broke down the acquisitions of Orlando Hudson, Jason Bartlett, Brad Hawpe, Chad Qualls, and Gregg Zaun, breakdowns that you didn’t see posted here. I should’ve said something earlier. I know, and that’s my bad. The Deion thing is new to me and I’m not used to being a two-way player, but we’ll be better about bridging the gap from here on out. Until then, here are the links to the Sac Bunting you might’ve missed:

Hudson double flaps his way to San Diego

Padres inaugurate a new shortstop with Bartlett

Padres pick Hawpe to bring stability to the middle of the order

Hoyer garbage picks catching, relief help

Hopefully, with pitchers and catchers reporting soon, there’ll be more to talk about. When I started writing today, it was for an article I was going to call “Is Chris Denorfia better than Ryan Ludwick?” The answer, I found out as I wrote, is not really. That should give you an idea of how bereft of inspiration I am. But hang tight, we’ve got some things coming down the pipe. In the mean time, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. I don’t have a job, or a life, so I’m on that thing all day.

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