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March 31st, 2011 by

5&adime Bring Back the Brown PadresHappy Opening Day!

The new look Padres are here, stealing our hearts with their well balanced lineup and bothering me with their boring jerseys.

I’ve got some IRL blog related action to report, starting with a special event brought to us by the cool chaps at RJ’s Fro…

Padres Blogs Unite!

This Sunday, April 3rd, a bunch of Padres blogs, The Madres, Jane Mitchell, The Lake Elsinore Storm, Randy Jones himself, and others will be uniting for fun and charity at the Randy Jones BBQ in Mission Valley. The game starts at 11:15am. What’s that, want food and drink specials? You bet your food and drink specials will be all over this piece.

And the best part? I have a prior commitment, so I won’t be in attendance. If I knew of a way to accept gifts of food and drink via Twitter, that would be encouraged. Instead, be sure to join us for the first ever…

Crowd in Brown

We’ll be partying it up April 9th at the Bring Back the Brown pregame party! Come hang out at 5&A Dime downtown from 1-4pm for a live DJ, BBQ, and craft brew provided by Left Coast Brewing Co. A bunch of bloggers including myself will be there doing whatever it is we do when not blogging, plus the brains behind the Bring Back the Brown campaign from Product Etcetera™.

After the party we’ll mob over to the game in our stylish brown. No blue allowed!

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New at Friarhood 02/22

March 22nd, 2011 by

I discuss the recent announcement that Orlando Hudson will be the team’s three hitter going into the season. It’s not really a big deal, but I still put an effort in. Check it out here, but feel free to leave your comments here (here here).

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Boycott the Blue: La Règle du Jeu (The Rules of the Game)

March 16th, 2011 by

It’s been brought to my attention that the rules of this boycott are a little ambiguous. Hopefully, this list will clear things up a bit.

Rule 1:

Don’t wear blue

Rule 2:

Don’t wear blue

And so on and so forth.

Seriously though, no blue Padres gear is allowed to be purchased under any circumstance and no blue clothing of any kind is allowed to be worn to any Padres-related function with one exception, that exception being the now-eliminated sand road jersey. Because the sand bowtie is another victim in Moorad’s vanillazation of the Padres, it is a brother in arms and can be worn. However, it cannot be worn with a blue hat or a blue undershirt. No blue means no blue, damnit!

I hope this was informative.

Boycott the Blue!

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Earning their paycheck

March 6th, 2011 by

For those of you who don’t know, in their Win Value section, along with WAR, Fangraphs lists what they refer to as “Dollars.” In their words, it is:

WAR converted to a dollar scale based on what a player would make in free agency

This stat can seem a bit misleading when, for instance, it says Andres Torres was worth $23.9 million last season. Obviously, Torres didn’t make that much, nor would any of the thirty teams in the league give him that much in free agency, but based on his 2010 performance and the price the market put on WAR in free agency, he would be worth that much.

The San Diego Padres have little in common with the rest of the league when it comes to market value. Kevin Towers became known as a dumpster diver not because he loved swimming in trash but because, as the GM of the Padres, he had to. And over the course of his fifteen years in San Diego, Towers found some winners. Phil Nevin, who was acquired for Andy Sheets and went on to provide the team 19.3 wins in six and a half years, is just one of the finds that Jed Hoyer now has to take inspiration from.

Hoyer’s second offseason was an eventful one, as he tried to find a way to make up for Adrian Gonzalez and his departing production. In his effort, he turned to Brad Hawpe, Orlando Hudson, and Ryan Ludwick, amongst others. With the limited budget he’s already known and, hopefully, come to love, Hoyer had to spend his dollars wisely. Going through Hoyer’s major transactions this offseason, I’ve found that he values one win at roughly $2 million ($1.99M to be exact). To determine this, I looked at the contracts he handed out this year in free agency, as well as to Ludwick and Jason Bartlett to avoid arbitration. I included Ludwick, and not Chase Headley or Heath Bell, as his then unknown 2011 contract was part of the deal when he came over from St. Louis, and I included Bartlett because his acquisition seemed dependent on the team working out an extension. This leaves us with seven players: Hawpe, Hudson, Ludwick, Bartlett, Aaron Harang, Jorge Cantu, and Chad Qualls*. And with the price Hoyer has set in mind, I looked at just how much bang Hoyer expects for his bucks.

*Given their small(er) roles, I’m leaving Cantu and Qualls out of this discussion, even though I included their contracts.


As the owner of largest contract that Hoyer gave out to a player he didn’t inherit, Ludwick is first in line. And at $6.775 million, we can assume that the team is expecting

    3.4 wins

from him. As has been discussed before, Ludwick’s career is a hard one to get a feel for as his monstrous 2008 offsets his total averages. Over 162 games, Ludwick has been worth 3.2 wins per year, which is pretty close to that 3.4. However, if you remove his 08, his average drops to 2.4. Even if we split the difference, Ludwick still underperforms by almost a run. Not all hope is lost, however. Ludwick will be manning left field this season, an easier position that could boost his defensive numbers, he’s in a contract year, and he’s coming off the kind of demands atonement.

Orlando Hudson:

You’ll notice with both Hudson and Bartlett, due to the way it’s set up, I’m splitting the difference on their total contract rather than what they’ll simply be making in 2011. And, at $5.75 million, we can assume that the team is expecting

    2.9 wins

from Hudson this season. It would seem Jed’s done his homework on this one because over 162 games, Hudson’s career average is 3.0. Even though Hudson’s glove and bat have trouble getting on the same page, he still seems like a safe bet for 2011.

Jason Bartlett:

At $5.5 million, we can assume that the team is expecting

    2.8 wins

from Bartlett but, like Ludwick, Bartlett has one great season throwing everything off on the back of his baseball card. On his career, Bartlett has averaged 3.3 wins but without his Ludwick-esque 2009, that average drops to 2.8. Again, it looks like Hoyer did his homework, except that he’s playing it safe at shortstop, handing out a contract Bartlett has shown his has the ability to exceed.

Aaron Harang:

At $4 million, we can assume that the team is expecting

    2 wins

from Harang, a modest expectation. Over 30 starts, Harang has averaged 3 wins per year but that’s a mark he hasn’t hit since 2007. In 2008, Dusty Baker took average as manager of the Reds and that’s all I’ll say about that. Since then, Harang has 5 wins in 78 starts, which actually comes out to 1.9 wins over 30 starts. Like Bartlett, Harang’s is a contract that the Padres went low on, hoping that freeing the pitcher from Baker will help him exceed expectations.

Brad Hawpe:

At $3 million, we can assume that the team is expect

    1.5 wins

from Hawpe. That seems like a low total from first base (Cantu is expected to contribute another 0.4 wins) but a fair expectation of Hawpe. At some point, the season will begin and this sort of clarification won’t be necessary anymore, but it must be pointed out that Hawpe’s not a first baseman. He played in college, and a little bit last season, but Hawpe has primarily been an awful right fielder his entire career. His 1 win average means nothing when you consider that his defensive numbers, at a position he won’t play in San Diego, dragged everything down. Hawpe’s production could range anywhere from 0.5 wins to maybe 3. Financially, the team has made a smart move but as far as what happens on the field goes, that’ll have to wait for another article (probably in September).

Looking it over, Hudson seems to be the team’s safest pick. Bartlett and Harang are good bets to meet expectations but their up-and-down careers makes them harder to project. It shouldn’t take much for Hawpe to make his money back but, until we get any idea of how he is at first, we don’t know how easy that’ll be. And Ludwick, well, at least he’s saying all the right things.

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