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Eric Patterson: Acquired by the Padres

December 16th, 2010 by Ray

Welcome to Moon Shots!

For the uninitiated, I started a new blog at the beginning of the offseason titled “Moon Shots,” in honor of Ryan Klesko and his lumberjack strong. Now it’s part of The Sac Bunt brand and to start things off, we’ve got the completion of the Adrian trade.

The Red Sox sent over Eric Patterson, brother of Corey, as the PTBNL in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. At 27, Patterson is something of a Quad-A player. In 1,550 at-bats plate appearances in Triple-A, Patterson has an OPS of .855, but this hasn’t translated to the bigs, where he has an OPS of .652 in only 471 PA. Keep in mind, that’s a small sample size, so it’s not as if he’s a bust already.

As far as tools go, Patterson has plus speed, which he’s used to steal 27 bases in 30 big league attempts. And while he’s spent most of his time in the outfield, the team sees Patterson’s versatility as a plus, so we might see him manning second at PETCO, in whatever capacity, in the near future.

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